Data Privacy

Our commitment to data privacy

We are committed to data privacy at Customized Business Services GmbH (below called “CBS”). We take our responsibility for protecting privacy and handling personal data very seriously. CBS checks and updates its data privacy principles and practices regularly. CBS processes personal data for various purposes, which are described in the explanations given below.

You have the right to access your data, to correct it, update it or have it deleted. If you have additional questions or needs regarding CBS’s data privacy statement, including access rights, please contact us this way:

Please send your inquires by email to:

Customized Business Services GmbH

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Tel: +49 2154 470940

Data privacy statement

Data Privacy

CBS – Data Privacy Statement

This data privacy statement explains how we process private information that we obtain from our existing and potential customers when they use CBS Services, participate in our events or visit our offices; subscribe to our newsletter, or use our website, Apps, platforms and services (called “our services” or “services” below) which are subject to this data privacy statement.

CBS is the data controller of your personal data, meaning the organization which determines the purpose and means for handling your data or, to put it another way, for what purposes this personal data is processed by CBS and how this data is used. Under “Definition – CBS” at the end of this data privacy statement, you will find additional information about CBS.


1.1. When does this data privacy statement go into effect, and its legal validity

2. 2. Captured information and its intended use

1. 2.1. Providing online accounts

2. 2.2. Replying to customer inquiries

3. 2.3. Event management

4. 2.4. Getting to know your activities

5. 2.5. Contract compliance

6. 2.6 New customer acquisition

7. 2.7. Improving our products and services by sending out and analyzing surveys

8. 2.8. Purchasing information

9. 2.9. Payment information

10. 2.10. Cookies and other technologies

11. 2.11. Legal and regulatory requirements and other commercial purposes

3. 3. The legal basis for processing your personal information

1. 3.1. Our legitimate interests

4. 4. How we share your information

1. 4.1. Internally at CBS

2. 4.2. Outside of CBS, with our partners and third parties

5. 5. How we protect your information

6. 6. Marketing communications

7. 7. Asserting your rights

8. 8. Storage of your information

9. 9. Your obligations

10. 10. Changes to this data privacy statement

11. 11. Contacting CBS

1. When does this data privacy statement go into effect, and its legal validity

This data privacy statement applies to the following services.

• Filling out a form for an App or a form at our website.

• Contacting CBS with a call-back request, or when using our online chat function.

• Purchasing, or researching in relation to CBS products or CBS services, both on and offline.

• Participation in (market) research project like surveys and similar things.

• Using our service portal.

• Participating in one of our events or visiting our event kiosk.

• Inquiries from your side that we deal with concerning things like a repair or a product or service upgrade that we offer.

• Marketing activities for products or services that, in our opinion, could be of interest to you and your company.

2. Captured information and its intended use

We collect personal data under the following circumstances:

• When you express an interest in a product or in a service that we offer – We then capture your business contact data. If you contact us online, for instance, or at our exhibition stand at an event or call us on the telephone to get information about a possible service or product, we make a note of your data. We do this to be able to follow-up on your inquiry and so we can propose other products and services, which could eventually be of interest to your company.

• When you register for one of our offered services – In this case, you are asked for some personal data that is required for creating a service portal account, so we can make our services available to you. Some of the entry fields here are required. If you do not fill out a required field, it’s possible that we can only make part of our services available to you, or not at all.

• When you use our services – We have the legal right to collect and process personal information with regards to your use of these services. This allows us to improve your overall user experience and to meet our obligations to you.

• When we conduct market research and find potential customers – To ensure we reach the right target groups, we purchase, if need be, marketing lists and other databanks with contact data from time to time. These could contain your name, your business email address and your business telephone number. We purchase no marketing lists that contain your private contact data.

• To improve your user experience and the overall quality of our services – Your personal data helps us personalize the notifications we send to you. For instance, we capture your professional position to ensure that we offer marketing materials that are relevant to your role in your company.

Further below in this document, we describe in more detail how we use the data collected under these circumstances.

2.1. Providing Online Accounts

You submit this kind of personal information to us, when you set up an online account (for our service portal, for example) and identify yourself as a person (and not as your company) using your name, your position in your company, your business email address or telephone number.

We require this information for a variety of reasons:

• To verify your identify and to help when identifying users – For example, your email address can function as username for login to your online account and as access to CBS services.

• To send important notifications – We request your email address, for example, so we can send you order conformation or confirm your service update. We also send you notifications about purchasing transactions and changes to our stipulations, terms and conditions, and guidelines.

2.2. Replying to customer inquiries

Your personal data is used so we can react to your inquiries, and to help when identifying users. For example, we collect your contact data when you want to be called back and must fill out a contact form for this, or when you use the online chat function. This data can then also be used for identification in the future. When you fill out a form at our website or for an App, we store relevant personal data, so that we can follow the entire course of your inquiry, which helps us handle it more efficiently.

2.3. Event management

We gather your data for your registration to one of our events of interest to you, a webinar or seminar, and for processing payments for these events (if this applies) and to be able to send the relevant materials for these events to you. Depending on the kind of event, we gather information like your name, telephone number (only your business number), contact data in case of emergency (only if absolutely necessary), all dietary requirements and other kinds of information necessary for being able to offer you an optimal experience.

2.4. Getting to know your activities

2.4.1. Behavior when surfing the internet, device information and interactions

We occasionally register your behavior (like repeated visits to the same websites, interactions, keyword and search terms, creation of online content) when you take advantage of our services and use them, so that over time we can create a customer “profile.” This also contains information about the devices, methods and content that you use during your interaction with CBS services, including at our service portal.

We can combine behavioral information (like your browser activity) with your personal data. We do not store any personal data related to the fields that you left empty when your registered. If the use of information, that can identify you personally, is not necessary for the purposes set out in this section, then we process behavioral information only on an aggregate basis.

We collect information about your operating system and your internet browser when you visit a CBS website or use our services. This includes information that is automatically recorded when you used our services (like information you provide, time stamps, IP address and, if applicable and necessary, diverse network infrastructures and server IDs).

We process data about your internet behavior, your devices and interactions for the following reasons:

• To make our products and services available, to continue to do so and to improve them, and to develop new products and services:

o For example, the way you use our websites or search for products can be processed for data analysis and research purposes. This allows us to improve navigation of our website, deliver relevant search results or, as part of our services, to optimally structure the information generated in this way.

o If you install a mobile App from CBS, a unique application number is sent together with information about your device to CBS. This makes it easier for CBS to maintain our Apps and services, and makes the installation of updates simpler.

• For improving your user experience and the overall quality of our services:

o IYour activities, like the pages you visit or the elements of our website that you look into, help us to learn what you find most important and interesting regarding our services. This allows us to give you a tailor-made user experience, and to display important and personalized content to you.

o Devices and platform IDs show us which devices you use to access our services, so we can adapt these services and optimize them to your device, and to improve the overall user-friendliness for you (providing relevant content, for example, and ads on the device or browser that you use).

o Storing data locally on your device allows us to improve website performance and for downloading content etc., even when you are offline.

• Storing data locally on your device allows us to improve website performance and for downloading content etc., even when you are offline.

o For example, after you click on a link in a marketing email that takes you to a tutorial, or if you follow CBS at Facebook or Twitter.

o Knowing how and where you communicate with CBS means that we can offer you information using your preferred channels of communication that is more individualized and helpful.

• Protecting other users and protecting CBS:

o We can monitor unusual or suspicious activities within CBS services, like automated misuse. We can then react quickly to cases like this, and can inform you if there is potentially fraudulent activities in your account.

o We can also use your personal data for internal revisions in order to comply with current legal regulations.

2.4.2. Product details, product uses, services and support history

This is information about your CBS products, CBS services or solutions (including, among other things, services already provided, software applications, product models, serial numbers and purchase dates) and information about how CBS products or solutions are configured and used (for example, user settings and preferences, installation and integration or other settings) and data about your customers or your administered services, licenses, guarantees and repair interactions with CBS. Sometimes this kind of information is linked to your business. Some of the information in this category is not classified as personal data, but we will nevertheless apply all protective measures to protect this data as well. This kind of data is processed for the following purposes:

• To be able to make information available to you that makes more sense, and content and offers that are more relevant to you, as well as the latest news about our products, solutions, services and events. This includes, for example, personalized and helpful information like tips and tricks from experts, resources, software updates, installation guidelines, user handbooks or details about courses relevant to you.

• To offer, continue to offer and improve our products and services, and develop new products and services – If we understand how our customers use our products, it helps us to identify certain characteristics that we require to improve and develop future products.

• If there are problems with CBS products or services:

o We need your product information so we can deal more effectively with your inquiries, and are to give you product-specific information.

o If we know your operating system (OS), we can handle your question more effectively, like making information about relevant driver downloads available.

o We use this information to judge whether your CBS product falls under a guarantee.

2.5. Regarding contract compliance

In order to support your company and to fulfill our service contract with you, we will possibly need to gather personal data for organizing repairs, meeting contractual stipulations and when furnishing services. To do this, we need to arrange meetings and for this reason need to obtain contact data of a person in your company. Some examples of this include:

• A telephone call log to organize repair or a service.

• Filling out a form, including online forms, that we send to you about one of our products.

• Making information available for managed services like reporting, use and realization

• Identification checks for our anti-money laundering (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) efforts.

• Problems with CBS software or hardware that we must speak to you about.

If we must carry out technical procedures within your IT infrastructure, we might possibly have access to personal data that is stored by your organization. If we contract a third party to fulfill our activities, we ensure that these are trustworthy partners who share the same values that we do. Based on your role at your company, we will probably use your information to contact you regarding the availability of online services (like updates relating to routine maintenance) or about changes to these services.

2.6. New customer acquisition

To be able to offer our products and services to other interested parties, we sometimes obtain contact data from our partners in the industry and from trade organizations that make this kind of information available to companies. When we obtain contact information in this way, we make sure that your information is not protected from unsolicited advertisements by a national contact-ban list.

2.7. Improving our products and services by sending out and analyzing surveys 

Now and then, CBS and its partners send out surveys and feedback forms. If you give your name and contact information, we can use this data to react to your feedback, deliver information to you which we think is of interest to you, and add you to our marketing databank (during the survey you can disable this option, if you are not interested). Our partners can decide to use your information for their surveys, if this is allowed. If yes, CBS is no longer responsible for your personal data and you are no longer subject to our data privacy guidelines. Please read the data privacy statements of these partners for further information about their own data protection practices, or for instructions how you can cancel their services.

2.8. Purchasing information

We keep a log of what products and services you purchase from CBS services. This helps us make our products available, to continue to make them available and improve them, and to develop new products and services. We also send you important notices about purchasing transactions and changes to our stipulations, terms and conditions, and guidelines.

2.9. Payment information

We do not use or store your bank or credit-card data when you purchase products and services via CBS Services. Payments for purchases are processed vis third party payment platform companies, which do not share your bank data with Customized Business Services.

2.10. Cookies and other technologies

Cookies and similar technologies (like web beacons) are small pieces of data used to store technical and/or personal information, to identify users of a service and to allow certain functions. For more about the Cookies we use, and to learn how they can be deactivated, please read our Cookies guidelines at the end of this document.

2.11. Legal and regulatory requirements and other commercial purposes

Sometimes we have to process your personal data to comply with current laws and regulations, for instance when we have to report suspected fraud. It is possible that we will use your information for other commercial purposes as well – in the course of negotiations, for concluding a contract and meeting a contract’s stipulations, for administering accounts and logs, to support our corporate social responsibility activities; or for legal, regulatory and internal research purposes.

3. The legal basis for handling your personal information

CBS only processes your personal data, if there is a legal basis for this. The legal basis depends on which of the above-described purposes personal data is captured and used. In nearly all cases, the legal basis if one of the following:

• The legitimate business interest of Customized Business Services – When it is necessary to understand customers, to promote products and services; and to work effectively as a multi-national IT service provider, and supplier of products and solutions for information and document management. More information about this can be found in section 3.1 below.

• Fulfillment of a contract – When you order products of services from us, or have inquired about them and we have to contact you in order to process your order, and to deliver its products or services.

• Compliance with legal regulations – When CBS is subject to statutory obligations and must use your contact data to comply with these statutory obligations. Agreement – When you voluntarily make information available to us, for example, in order to take part in a contest. You may withdraw your agreement to this at any time by sending an email to

3.1. Our legitimate interests

CBS’s legitimate interests include things that serve to precisely understand customers so that we can create and market new products and services, and in order to offer our customers a better experience. For example:

• On this legal basis, we conduct analyses that are necessary in order to offer you a tailor-made experience, to improve in this way our products and services, and to be able to maintain and manage them in order to meet your customer expectations.

• We need your data to better support your organization, so that you continue to use our products and services

• We use technologies for campaigns and acquisition management, which help us to analyze how our customers communicate with us, so that we can eventually offer them content that is even more relevant and interesting.

• We are committed to product development in order to improve out products and services, and use your feedback from surveys and other sources as part of this.

• Like most companies, we offer, wherever permissible, products and services that we think could possibly be of interest to you, whereby you naturally have the option to unsubscribe to these updates.

4. How we share your information

4.1. Internally at CBS

We limit access to personal data and persons in our group members to only those who must know this information. We could, for instance, pass on your collected personal data to our sales office or the service center closest to you, in order to offer you services where you are located.

4.2. Outside of CBS, with our partners and third parties

We will not share the personal data, that is processed during the period that you use our services, with other people or companies outside of the CBS Group, unless this is planned according to these guidelines, or you have given us your approval to do so. We are allowed to pass on your personal information to the following third parties and others for the following reasons:

• Suppliers or other sub-contractors with whom we have a business relationship and who offer us products and services that allow us to make our services available to you (like partners who undertake warehousing and deliveries, maintenance and service, software development, website hosting and website management).

• External service suppliers who generate marketing campaigns and sales leads, and who conduct market studies in our name.

• Payment processing companies, companies that issue credit reports and anti-fraud service providers (for the fight again fraud). These companies process payments and conduct fraud screening.

• With our professional and legal consultants for commercial, financial or legal consulting purposes.

• If we sell company assets, your personal information could be passed on to a potential buyer. Under these circumstances, we will attempt to bind the buyer to the stipulations of these data privacy guidelines.

• In rare cases, personal information can be passed on to third parties like the police, for example, or regulatory authorities; so we can protect our property or protect the security of our customers, employees and our assets.

• We can disclose your personal data as well, when this is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation in a certain jurisdiction, even when this is the result of a voluntary action or decision on our part (like our decision to do business in a specific country or something similar)

5. How we protect your information

Your personal data is stored on secure servers and never used for any purpose, other than those that are described in this data privacy statement. The servers that CBS uses to store this information are only accessible to authorized employees, and CBS ensures that appropriate security measures are used. Unfortunately, transmitting data over the internet or between data storage systems, is not always 100 percent secure. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, you have the feeling that the security of an account that you have with us is in danger), please inform us immediately using the contact data further below in this document.

6. Marketing communications

CBS and/or other companies of the CBS Group can use your personal data for marketing purposes and to inform you about other products and services that could be of interest to your company. You can indicate whether you want to receive this kind of information by marking the appropriate box in our forms, or by telling us this directly and personally. You can unsubscribe this information service at any time using the appropriate center for data privacy settings, or by using the link for unsubscribing. If you unsubscribe to our marketing information service, please note that we can continue to contact you from time to time (for things like confirming orders that you have made or to confirm delivery dates).

7. Asserting your rights

According to the laws of certain jurisdictions, you may assert your right at any time to access your personal data, to correct it, update it, to limit it, to receive a machine-readable copy of it, to request your data be deleted, or to request any other laws in your area of jurisdiction that apply. To assert this right, please send an email to:

We will delete your personal data as soon as this data is no longer necessary for the purposes, for which your data was originally captured. You have the right to request that we do not use your personal information for certain purposes, including marketing purposes. Please see section 6 “Marketing Communications” above to learn more about how you can unsubscribe to our marketing communications efforts.

We will reply to all inquiries that have to do with you asserting your rights according to applicable laws. Please note, however, that there are a variety of limits to these rights and under certain circumstances we might not be able to fulfill your wishes. If you have questions or concerns about your personal data, please contact us using the contact information below. You also have the right to communicate your concerns to your local data privacy authorities.

8. Storage of your information

CBS will store your personal data only as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes described above in section 2 of this data privacy statement, and in accordance with current legal storage and limitation periods. In most countries, this should usually not exceed 6 years. For example, if you purchased something from us, we keep a record of your purchase as long as is necessary for invoicing, tax matters and guarantees. We can also keep a record of correspondence with you (if you submitted a complaint, for instance, about a product or services) as long as this is necessary to protect ourselves against a legal claim. When we no longer need your personal data, we will delete it. Please note, however, that if you unsubscribe to our marketing communications service, we keep a record about your communication information so we can ensure that, in the future, we will not send you these kinds of notifications. CBS deletes no personal data, if this is related to an active business relationship or is related to a product or service that you explicitly asked about or requested (referring, for example, to you last purchase of a CBS service).

9. Your obligations

You guarantee the quality of the information that you make available to us via our services. All the personal data you send to us must be factually correct and up-to-date. You are under obligation to make true, right and up-to-date statements which meet this basic principle.

10. Changes to these data privacy guidelines

We update our data privacy statement from time to time in order to ensure that you are promptly informed about CBS’s data processing activities. We conduct no data processing activities that might endanger your personal data, and will always obtain your explicit agreement when necessary to protect your right to privacy. Any changes that we make to these data privacy guidelines will be published at our service pages. We will also use one of the communication methods you made available to us, to inform you about important changes to this data privacy statement. If you continue to use our services, after notification about an update to our data privacy stipulations, then this constitutes your agreement to our latest Terms of Use.

11. Contacting CBS

Please contact our data privacy office at if you have questions or comments about this data privacy statement.

We hope that CBS has addressed all doubts you might have had, to your complete satisfaction. If this is not the case, you can report your concerns to your local data privacy authorities.

The definition of CBS

As part of these data privacy guidelines, the abbreviation CBS stand for Customized Business Services GmbH and all affiliated companies. The words “we,” “us,” or “ours” as used in this document also stand for Customized Business Services GmbH.

Last changed on 11 February 2019

Version: 1.0

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